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“The most important thing in the world is the communication between the horse and the person.”

Extraordinary ability in the arts of unique horse training. One of the top horse trainers in the industry, an expert farrier, and certified teacher of Western Style Horseback Riding. 


What Our Customers Say

Jim Brinkman, Owner of the Pitzer Ranch, Erickson, Nebraska

Zorik has what it takes to succeed in this business and I feel he has that special talent it takes to become a top trainer in our industry. I have not seen this kind of talent and natural ability in a long time.

David Avery, American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA)

Mr. Michaeli is a horse trainer of an extraordinary ability. This has been demonstrated by his credentials and his sustained national acclaim in the art of horse training.

Pierre Ollier, Master Trainer

I was invited by the Israeli Equestrian Federation (IEF) to conduct a special Riding Course for senior trainers in Israel. Mr. Michaeli was one of the few selected to participate and received a certificate for Western Riding Instructor.

Mark Wray, AQHA Professional Horseman & Trainer, Ord, Nebraska

Zorik has shoed a couple horses for me for 2 1/2 years that were problem horses and he was the first one to get them to where they were usable without any painkillers. I would highly recommend him for any kind of shoeing needs.

Jim Brinkman, Owner of the Pitzer Ranch, Erickson, Nebraska

Zorik did shoeing here at Pitzer Ranch. He has a good eye for level and balance and his advantage over most farriers is that he has ridden horses at a high level and he knows what they need to help them perform at their best.

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